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Imagine having easy and straightforward access to current and accurate status information of your company's most important documents. Enter the Master Document Register, your ultimate solution to document reporting.

master document register

Simplify Record-Keeping with a Master Document Register

This template will help you organize and maintain an up-to-date record of your company documents. It records crucial information such as document creation date, version control, update frequency and content relevancy. Keeping track of key documents in this way helps to ensure smooth operations within the business and avoids miscommunication between departments or teams.

Read on to find out why you should implement the Master Document Register template into your business operations and how it can help your organization.

MDR Meaning

MDR stands for Master Document Register. It's also commonly referred to as a Master Document List or Document Register.

The Master Document Register (MDR) is a register used by organizations to track key status information pertaining to controlled documents which are essential to their business operations.

It's typically produced as a spreadsheet that helps maintain accurate and up-to-date records of revision history, creation dates, author information, approvals, and transmittal records.

Why is the Master Document Register Important?

The Master Document Register (MDR) is an essential tool for businesses of all industries. It serves as a centralized tracking modality that stores key company information with precise accuracy and up-to-date status. It also ensures that everyone in the organization is on the same page regarding document updates, revisions, and relevancy.

The main goal of a Master Document Register is to create an organized and robust method of tracking controlled documents. Without it, you're stuck searching through endless folders, trying to find the current version of a document.

How Does the Master Document Register Work?

An effective Master Document Register adopts a simple, yet effective design that enables you to easily store and retrieve information. It consists of several columns that record the document's title, version number, date created/updated, author details, and any other pertinent information you're required to report on.

Improve Document Reporting

Using a Document Register Template can lead to increased efficiency and productivity for you and your team. It reduces the time spent searching for controlled documents, making it easier for you to retrieve and act on information promptly.

A Document Register expedites decision-making by providing quick access to current information in one central location. You can create columns for each reporting requirement to facilitate rapid weekly, monthly, or quarterly management reports.

Save Time By Using our Master Document Register Template

In the bustling realm of business, accurate reporting of controlled documents is a vital necessity. Our MDR Template drastically simplifies your document management by replacing messy filing systems and numerous tracking logs with a streamlined, user-friendly, pre-formatted, and fully customizable Excel spreadsheet.

You can also use this as a Drawing Register Template and update the columns to account for the specific drawing metrics you want to report on.

This template offers you a clear view of your documents and their current status so you can eliminate document chaos. Tested and trusted by diverse organizations, our template is a cost-effective, reliable tool for document control, centralizing all your records for better business positioning. 

master document register

If you're seeking an efficient, hassle-free solution for tracking your documents, our Master Document Register Template is your answer. Grab it today and start taking control of your document management today!

MDR Template Tips & Tricks

Tracking your documents doesn't have to be a pain. Here are a few quick shortcuts that will help you save heaps of time using our Document Control Log Template.

1. Create hyperlinks for a file's master save location. To do this, select a cell in column B of the spreadsheet, type the word 'Link,' press CTRL+K on your keyboard, paste in the file path, and press OK. This will help your users access and find the document quickly!

2. Create drop-down menus to standardize data entry and ensure consistency. To create a drop-down menu:

  • Click the Lookups tab, and type the column heading for drop-down selection (e.g., Rev Status).
  • Then list all allowable values underneath it (IFC, IFA, etc.).
  • Click back into the MDR Tab and select the cells within a column where you want to add the drop-down menu.
  • Click the Data tab from the ribbon, and select the Data Validation button from the Data Tools section to open a dialogue box. Select List from the drop-down menu.
  • Then click the arrow button beside the Source field, click the Lookups tab, select the values from the appropriate list, hit enter on your keyboard and click Ok. You now have a drop-down list of allowable values for those cells.

3. Apply conditional formatting to highlight information that needs attention. This could include due dates, specific revision statuses, or documents that are checked out. To do this:

  • Select the column you wish to apply conditional formatting to.
  • From the Home tab, click the Conditional Formatting icon, click Highlight Cell Rules, then select an option, like 'Text that Contains,' and type in the value you want to highlight (e.g., IFA).
  • Select a colour option from the drop-down menu and click Ok.
  • Now whenever you add IFA to that column, it will automatically highlight.​

Want to learn even more about the Document Distribution process?

The Master Document Register is just one piece of the Document Distribution pie.

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