5 Templates You NEED for Document Control

Looking for ways to streamline document control and make it even more efficient? Who isn't?!

One of my favourite ways to optimize processes is by using templates. Templates provide a consistent, organized structure for each document and make it easier to maintain control over your important files.

In this blog post, I'll introduce you to the 5 essential templates that you absolutely need for effective document control. These templates are part of our Ultimate Document Control Bundle, which was designed to save you time, effort, and headaches.

Let's dive in!

document control template

Policy and Procedure Template

A Policy and Procedure Template, also known as SOP (Standard Operating Procedure), is the backbone of any well-documented process. SOP templates allow you to formalize your requirements by providing detailed instructions for common tasks.

Whether you're creating training material for new hires, complex procedures, or lengthy guidelines, a well-designed Policy Template will ensure your requirements are documented with a clean, consistent appearance so information is never forgotten about or missed.

Our Document Control Template Bundle comes with a fully customizable Policy and Procedure Template in Word that includes a cover page, table of contents, revision history table to track your changes over time, and custom Word Styles.

policy and procedure template word

By using this template, you ensure that your team knows exactly what is expected of them, fostering consistency and efficiency.

Modern SOP Template

If you're looking for a simplified template for policy and procedure, then our Modern SOP Template is your perfect match. This template cuts out some of the more complex details from the Policy Template and was designed for shorter-length training materials, work instructions, or short procedures. It offers a user-friendly approach without compromising on the essential elements needed for effective document control.

sop template

With the Modern SOP Template, you can quickly create concise and accessible documents to guide your team through various processes.

Transmittal Template

A transmittal sheet is simply a form populated with information about one or more documents that are being transferred between companies. It's a standalone document containing specific details about each document and acts as a formal record and evidence of what was sent to whom, and when it was sent.

Have you ever questioned what was sent to whom in your business? Our Document Control Template Bundle includes a Transmittal Form so you can put those doubts to rest. This template allows you to track and record every piece of controlled data that enters or leaves your organization in a table format so you can quickly identify what was sent to whom and when.

transmittal template

Tracking your document transfers using transmittals will help you gain complete assurance and confidence, ensuring compliance with regulations and protecting yourself against fraudulent claims. Say goodbye to confusion and hello to organized and secure document transmissions.

Transmittal Log

Once you've used the Transmittal Template to record document transmissions, it's crucial to have a system in place to track them efficiently. This is where the Transmittal Log comes in.

transmittal log template excel

A Transmittal Log Template saves you from the hassle of clicking through numerous folders to determine what was sent to whom and when, so you can easily retrieve information about any document transmission, plus maintain a clear overview of your business communications.

It provides a centralized method of tracking the information you need to know so you can provide status reports and updates as soon as they're requested.

Master Document Register (MDR) Template

Tracking and managing controlled documents is a critical aspect of document control. The Master Document Register Template, also known as a Document Control Register or Master Document Log, helps you track document details in one place, eliminating the need to search through a sea of sub-folders.

Whether it's procedures, specifications, policies, drawings, or training materials, an MDR Template allows you to quickly determine what exists, the current revision status and history of each document, and who's currently in possession of it.

document register

Our MDR Template is one of many document control templates that will provide you with a clear understanding of your document landscape.

Document Distribution Course

If transmittals, logs, and document registers sound confusing or overwhelming to you, then our Document Distribution Course may be the perfect solution for you. It's a fast and easy course that will bring your document distribution skills from zero to hero in 3 hours.

document distribution

If you're tired of grappling with the complexities of document distribution, then check out our course today!

Final Thoughts

Remember, effective document control is essential for businesses of all sizes. With a standardized set of document control templates, you'll not only improve your workflows but also enhance compliance, reduce errors, promote a consistent brand image, and increase productivity.

By using the Policy and Procedure Template, SOP Template, Transmittal Template, Transmittal Log Template Excel, and Document Control Register Template, you can significantly improve efficiency, maintain consistency, and save valuable time.


Don't let document chaos overwhelm you anymore - take control with these essential document control templates from our DC Starter Kit Bundle and start streamlining your document control processes today so you focus on the tasks that truly matter.

Your future self will thank you!

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